Monday, May 14, 2012


After a days that were looking for it, I'm fortunate right now to find out that the long lost masterpiece of my classmate Aldrin is now on my hand. HAHA

I'm very honored to be one of his classmate to discover how talented he is.
He's a silent type person but has a strong personality.
To be with him everyday is a clueless  situation. LOL
You might think a hard time before you approach him, what's going 'drin ?! hahah (that's the truth)

Ayways, enough for revealing his personality.

His masterpiece that I'm going to show is a Mag from our group "Frosh Clique".

This Mag is like a real Magazine in the bookstore (only the cover page hahah).
We have a Cover of the Month (member will be featured) and also some contents like issues, activities that we accomplished the whole month.

So let me show you the Masterpiece by Aldrin ;))

Random post:

The good thing about Aldrin, he can use various type of mediums. Not like others, they have specific.

See ? How creative he was after doing these stuff.

He can draw/paint on a bond paper, illustration board, folder and  the last that you make him proud, a wall painting. Naks' ;)

Feel sad, he has an unfinished business here.

But then, he proved that simplicity still looking good.

There you go, a few Masterpiece of Aldrin Dennis Dela Peña.

I know, some of you amazed how good he was.

For any business or advertisement (drawing, painting, anime etc.) that really want Aldrin's creation and to see more, you can contact him HERE ... 

Thanks 'drin for allowing me to post here in my Blog!