Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Blogging ?!

Why I'm doing this ?!

Blogging is the best way to express your feelings while doing it. And that's why I create my own blog to share what I have right now and gives an idea to everyone what, where and who i loved most. Actually, having this is so hard because you need to update your blog to make it interesting to the readers. As long as the time to tilt, the more I excited to have Blog and finally i have one. I treat this as my diary. I think the important things and interesting subjects will put it into this blog. Most of it are all about foods, travels, events and especially my fave is about fashion. Includes also my personal diary but memorable moments.

Well, this will not happen with the help of the influential people why I'm starting to like and create my own blog. They help me not to create this but giving me an inspiration it such a big help for me. The first blog that I saw and impress me so much was the blog of Ms. Bianca Gonzales. Why?! It's because for how many years she's having her blog and maintained it, i think the times when she was in college life until she employed.  And a surprising in it , she worked in the entertainment industry that we all know that we must expect a busy work from here. But I'm very happy to Ms. Bianca to continues her blog during the the busy days. Her blog is like a diary which i want to have here in my blog. I really like every post that she made in her blog.  In her 8th anniversary blog, she decided to have a giveaways to all readers. By answering her question, "Which of the blog posts is your favorite?" I joined and answered the "Dad, Im coming Out" this post is all about the gay community. Different stories posted here how to confessed to their dad that he's gay and different reaction of their dad that is truly emotional for everyone to come out to their shell and feel the acceptance of everyone especially your dad. And I'm so happy about what I chose in her posts. Even if I'm not to win in this giveaway, I'm so happy to share my story to Ms. Bianca. And perfectly I'm right to choose her post about that, and I received a message to her in my twitter account, she said that she's very happy to my blog entry. I'm so overwhelmed, your blog entry appreciated by your idol and message you personally... hahaissst !!! Great day for me. Well Ms. Bianca one of my inspiration why I'm doing this BLOG !

Ms. Bianca Gonzales BLOG, click here ... iamsuperbianca

On the other story, why I'm starting this its because of the two beautiful ladies in our country, Ms. Camille Co and Ms. Laureen Uy. I'm really admire them for their fashion, uniqueness and good personality. Someday, I want to be a fashion stylist like them. So sad, all they wore were branded. And I can't afford it. But I'll try to be a creative stylist in a little amount that I have. And I remember that these two beautiful ladies advice everyone not to afraid to mixed and style the repeated dress that we have. Small amount is enough to create unique style and they said even the worst dress would be a good dress if you know how to handle it. I admit that I'm a being off-fashion. But after I read some posts in their blog, I am confident to wear anything with my own style and not a shy type person while going out. I'm very blessed and happy to share their blog to be one my guidelines in terms of fashion. One thing is, I'm very obsessed to Ms. Co, such a flawless and white skin ... argghh, I want you to be the same as yours. LOL 

Ms. Camille Co BLOG, click here ... Camille Co

Ms. Laureen Uy BLOG, click here ... Laureen Uy

Now you all know, the reason why I'm creating a blog. They give me an inspiration to share my ideas about life and fashion. I know its so hard for me to become like them, they're celebrity but doing this feels like I'm a celebrity LOL. I'm still continues to read your blogs and explore about blogging. I'm just a beginner and I know there's an improvement will happen in the coming days. 

Love lotzzz GINN ^_^