Monday, March 12, 2012

Missing my Childhood

I miss my childhood days… So, were here at Onyx Day Care to teach them a dance for their Graduation Day. The're all cute and lovable. How I wish to have a kids na sobrang gwapo o maganda. I'm planning. LOL ^_^

Recess Time

Sobrang kukulit nila, kaya ung iba nadidisgrasya na. Pero cute pa din kahit umiiyak !

 Solo pics ^_^
"Miguel Luis"


I'm sorry, I'm not sure with the spelling of their name. And I think some were using their nicknames. Enjoy the pics na lang. Sobrang konti nakuha kong pics. Almost lahat sila my future sa pag aartista. Most of them are boys. Happy to teach them feeling like I'm also a kid.